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Two friends founded the STAMOS Welding Group and have been making history since 2007

STAMOS was founded in 2007 when two friends shared the same ambition and ideology.

The dream was to become the market leaders in the field of welding equipment. The idea was to achieve this by developing and producing an outstanding product of the highest conceivable quality at a fair price, for both the professional and the enthusiast.

For almost 15 years now, STAMOS has remained true to this premise and has supplied over 1590 loyal and satisfied customers in

all of Europe and the UK with a wide range of excellent quality welding tools and accessories.
It is this popular range of high-quality welding tools that has made the STAMOS brand the powerhouse it is today. With a reputation for being the brand of choice for anyone who wants to work with metal.
This reputation and this development have been made possible by the long-standing and trusting cooperation between welding experts, our customers and our
continuation to grow with the help of in-house product designers.
Communication is the key.
It is this partnership that enables STAMOS to deliver a wide range of tools with different applications in the best possible quality while maintaining an optimal price-performance ratio.
The standards established in 2007 have not wavered, the claim remains the same – to guarantee customers a price advantage while maintaining the same quality in products and services.


Welding equipment for every challenge.


Our experiences and your experiences are the foundation of our continued success

Our strength and continued success are based on our internal and external experiences.

These come from the knowledge of our highly dedicated and qualified staff, the positive shopping experiences of our retailers both before and after the sale, and the first-hand experience of the end consumer.

Distributors are primarily concerned with handling products online, but we only work with those who understand the importance of a great customer experience.
In order to maintain a high level of service and a great relationship with the customer and not dilute this service or
differentiate ourselves, we only work with one distributor.
This positive shopping experience creates and enables a relationship where the customer feels comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions based on their experience.
The feedback we receive, which essentially meets the needs of the market, is collected, forwarded, reviewed and filtered, then widely incorporated into all STAMOS products by our responsive task force of designers and engineers.
For our customers, this means that we offer plasma cutters such as welding units, combination tools, digital or analogue interfaces, depending on the working environment.
Longer or shorter welding cables and auto-darkening welding helmets of the highest quality.
It is this fast processing, thoughtfulness and decision-making that makes us the leader in the metalworking market.
In order to continue to ensure higher quality in the various fields of use, our designers and engineers have developed different brands to match the experience and capabilities of the respective users.
For these reasons, our welding machines will always be state of the art.


STAMOS focuses on the needs of customers and makes them trends

STAMOS has always focused on the needs of the client, as these needs become market desires and trends for future clients and their projects, and this is what keeps us at the forefront.
Our goal is to expand our role beyond that of a mere manufacturer. We want to continue to support, advise and accompany all customers in all projects, processes and product life cycles.
The client is a partner for us from the initial idea, to usage, to the end result of all projects and successes.
Therefore, STAMOS will always put each individual customer and their projects in the foreground of all developments and initiatives, based on the professional partner approach.
A partner for the specialist and the enthusiast, there is no project or process too big or too small.

The power is yours, but the mission is ours!