Welding clothing

Because safety
comes first

STAMOS welding clothing: Because safety comes first 

Intense heat, sparks, glaring light and welding fumes are among the constant companions of welding. With solid welding clothing, you ensure good occupational safety and can pursue your profession and passion with peace of mind.  

The most important parts of protective equipment for welders include: 

  • Eye protection (goggles, visors, and shields) 
  • Body protection (welding aprons, jackets, and gloves) 
  • Perimeter protection (welding curtains) 

Discover the wide range of high-quality welding clothing from STAMOS and protect yourself and others when welding, flexing, and forging. 


Safe welding helmets of the highest quality 

Regardless of whether you weld with an arc or gas: all common welding processes produce glaring light as well as UV and infrared radiation. A sight shield that protects your eyesight from glare and burns is part of the basic equipment in welding technology, also for bystanders and people who assist you during welding work.  

We recommend wearing full face protection during all projects and welding procedures. The safety helmet is preferable to a protective shield because you can wear the helmet comfortably on your head and have both hands free for welding. This is not only convenient, but also increases work safety. Both shield and helmet have a visor with a filter that blocks harmful radiation and glare. In addition, both variants protect against splashes and sparks and sometimes against heat and smoke.  

Welding helmets offer you comprehensive protection of the face area, the temples, and the top of the skull. Cover your neck and throat with a fireproof welding hood that you wear under your helmet. 

Our high-quality automatic welding helmets, which automatically darken the visor thanks to modern technology, impress with their good optical properties and a very fast response time. Sensors reliably detect the brightness and switch the visor from light to dark in a fraction of a second. After welding, the visor switches back to light after a short delay. This saves you having to remove the privacy screen to inspect your workpieces. The excellent response time also enables efficient work without long acclimatisation and without straining the eyes too much.  

The longer you weld, the higher the wearing comfort must be. For this reason, the safety helmets from the STAMOS Welding Group are real flyweights with a good fit at the same time. A flexible headband allows you to adjust the welding helmet to the shape of your head. In addition, the distance between the visor and the face can be individually adjusted. Other parameters that our welding helmets fulfil are protection against stray light, homogeneity as well as the viewing angle dependence of the protective filter. In addition, our models comply with the current protection standards thanks to light protection from DIN 9 to 13. 

For short jobs: the comfortable welding apron for professional and hobby welders  

When welding, you work with temperatures above 3000 °C. This enormous heat as well as sparking pose a great danger. Full-body protection is therefore advisable for welding work. The welding apron is an essential item that protects your work clothes, your front torso and, on long models, your thighs from damage caused by welding and grinding splashes. It is recommended for smaller jobs with little radio impact and when working in warm environments. 

Our heat-resistant aprons are made from supple cowhide split leather. The material is low-wear, durable and has a high wearing comfort. Adjustable strap lengths and smooth-running click fasteners allow the welding apron to be put on and taken off quickly, while the robust material and flame-resistant seams contribute to a high level of work safety. 

Welding jackets – reliable welding protective clothing when welding large projects 

In addition to welding aprons, you will also find welding jackets made of supple cowhide split leather in our range. With a welding jacket, you not only reliably protect your front torso, but also your arms, shoulders and back area from spattering cinder and sparks. Extremely tear- and tensile-resistant seams ensure – even with daily use – a high durability of the jacket. Velcro fastenings and insulated press studs ensure a comfortable fit with freedom of movement and allow safe working with electrical equipment.  

Welding jackets are particularly suitable for work in cool environments and for projects where a stronger spark is expected.  

For fine work and good handling: welding gloves  

Welding gloves, like all work gloves, protect against mechanical risks such as sharp edges on workpieces or pointed objects. The gloves additionally withstand the brief flare-up when the arc is ignited as well as the heat that is generated during all welding work. Here, too, supple, flame-retardant leather and the five-finger design with inserted thumb ensure good mobility.
Our advice: Make sure that the cuffs of the welding gloves extend over the sleeves of the welding jacket so that your wrists are optimally covered. 

Perimeter protection (welding curtains) 

If sparks fly during welding and grinding work, there is an increased risk of injury for you and those around you. For this reason, hobby welders and professionals alike should ensure good perimeter protection. Welding curtains made of fireproof materials trap glowing metal splinters and the resulting UV and infrared radiation. The flexible curtains are ideal for separating individual workplaces and protect against drafts, moisture and dirt. When choosing your welding curtains, pay attention to the occupational safety standard required for your metal work. 

Why is it worth investing in protective clothing? 

Whether as a profession or passion – in welding technology, as in all manual activities, it is important to observe occupational safety! Metal spatter, flying sparks, heat build-up and contact with flames pose a risk of injury just as high as the ultraviolet radiation from the arc. Since there are many sources of danger when welding, which can lead to permanent damage for both the welder and bystanders, you should pay special attention to high-quality and professional welding protective clothing. The following applies here: The greater the risk, the higher the protection factor of the clothing should be.
Ensure a high level of work safety with the modern protective equipment from STAMOS and benefit from a particularly high level of wearing comfort and better work efficiency.