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MIG MAG welding machines 

MIG welding uses a consumable electrode in the form of a wire and shielding gas. The wire is used to create the weld with the MIG welding torch, which joins the metal together. The advantage of a MAG welder is that you can weld long distances very quickly without changing the electrode. 

STAMOS offers you both simple MAG welding units with a welding current of around 200 A, where the welding torch is permanently integrated in the unit, and powerful MIG welding units that reach a higher welding current of up to 400 A and have additional functions, which in turn are necessary for professional use. 

MIG MAG – what kind of welding machine do I need? 

Whether you use the MIG welding method or MAG welding method with your welding machine depends only on the gas you want to use for welding. In principle, such gas-shielded welders are always MIG MAG welders. If you use inert gases, for example for copper or other non-ferrous metals, then it is a MIG welder. If you use alert gases, for example for structural steel or steel alloys, then you have a MAG welding machine in your hand. 

This is how a MAG welding machine is constructed 

In addition to modern MIG MAG welding machines with inverter technology, STAMOS also offers machines that work with a transistor and are therefore significantly heavier. In principle, the use of a welding trolley is recommended for MIG/MAG welding equipment due to the weight, as this also allows the shielding gas to be conveniently transported to or at the place of use.  

The wire coil for welding is often integrated in the unit, which makes the design of the MIG welding units more compact. The wire is fed to the welding torch via a wire feeder in the MIG welder. If the feed is equipped with 4 rollers, it allows more uniform welding results than wire feeds with 2 rollers. The speed of the wire feed can usually be adjusted to the welding situation. Some very powerful MAG welders have an external wire spool and allow wire speeds of up to 24 m/s. 

The welding torch of the MAG welder should fit comfortably in the hand and be designed for 2-stroke or 4-stroke operation. The gas nozzle focuses the arc which, together with the wire electrode, forms the weld pool that joins the metals after cooling. The gas flowing out of the nozzle protects the weld seam at the same time. In addition, it also cools the torch, which is exposed to very high temperatures during welding. For currents above 250 A, it is therefore advisable to use a water coolingwater-cooling system that is connected externally. 

Professional MIG MAG welders score with useful extras 

The STAMOS Welding Group offers the right MIG MAG welding machines for beginners and professionals alike. A professional MIG MAG welder not only impresses with modern inverter technology and a high welding current, but also offers several additional functions and features that are convincing in practice. 

The wire feeder should be equipped with 4 rollers to always ensure even welds. Since you can weld very fast with a good MIG MAG welder, the wire feed should also be designed for fast speeds and be able to be adjusted accordingly to the welding requirements. In addition, large wire coils of up to 300 mm diameter are an advantage if you want to weld without interruption. For this purpose, MIG Mag welders offer external housings for the wire, which make it easy to change the wire reels. 

In addition to some extras in the hardware, the range of functions in professional MIG MAG welding machines is also a plus. In this way, the number of spatters can be reduced via inductivity, which means that less rework is required on the weld seam. Or via Synergetic Pulse, the welding current and wire speed can be automatically adjusted to different metals based on a parameter. 

Accessories for MIG MAG welding machines 

Another possibility of an external wire feed are special spool gun welding torches. Here, the wire is not fed to the torch via the unit, instead a housing for wire coils for small rolls up to 100 mm is integrated on the welding torch. These are suitable for smaller jobs where different metals have to be used. When selecting the wire, the principle is that they should match the metal as well as the melting point as closely as possible in order toto achieve high-quality welds. 

Buy MAG welding equipment 

Whether you are looking for a simple MIG MAG welder or a powerful professional MAG welder – when buying, look for a clear control panel with a large LED or LCD display as well as switches and dials that can also be operated with welding gloves. Even the choice between 2-stroke or 4-stroke operating modes offers relief, especially for longer welding jobs, and should be available as standard. 

Ultimately, however, the quality of the MIG MAG shielded metal arc welder depends on the quality of the workmanship of the individual components. With its brands, be it Stamos Selection, Stamos Germany or welbach, STAMOS focuses on quality where the user is the centre of attention. A simple MAG welder should have exactly the same quality standards in workmanship as a MIG MAG welder with increased performance values. Benefit from the high technical standards that STAMOS has established in over ten years for welding equipment and welding accessories and don’t settle for less.