Combination devices

It all comes down to professional composition
STAMOS combination welding machines

It all comes down to professional composition – STAMOS combination welding machines 

In addition to a large selection of specialists for WIG, MIG MAG or MMA welding, the STAMOS Welding Group offers a number ofseveral combination devices with which you can use several welding methods with just one device. The advantage is obvious – you don’t have to buy several welding machines to carry out different welding jobs. Whether you choose a 3-in-1 welder or a 4-in-1 welder depends primarily on which welding methods you want to use. Some combination devices are also suitable for cutting metals, which further expands the range of possibilities. 

With WIG welding machines or MIG MAG welding machines, which also have connections for electrode welding, are not called combination units. At STAMOS it is standard that, with the exception ofexcept for plasma cutters and a few MIG welding machines, all welding machines can also do electrode welding. 

Combination devices with inert gas 

With combination welding machines MIG MAG WIG you have the most important welding processes with inert gas in one machine. This allows you to create welds in WIG quality or pick up speed when welding with the MAG welding method. STAMOS usually includes a high-quality welding torch in the scope of delivery for each welding process, so that you do not have to buy any additional torches as welding accessories for these devices. 

All combination devices from the STAMOS Welding Group are of high quality and easy to use. This is made possible, among other things, by the use of modern inverter technology, which enables convincing performance values ​​in a compact housing. They are equipped with all basic functions such as controllers for current, voltage or wire speed. Switching between the individual welding methods you want to use is just as easy. The wire roll is housed in the device and thus underlines the compact character of the WIG MIG MAG welding devices. A carrying handle allows the device to be moved easily, while a welding trolley makes transport much easier, not only because of the gas bottle. 

Additional functions on MIG MAG WIG welding machines 

Electrode welding is now also standard for combination welding machines and can be selected directly on the machine. STAMOS often offers a suitable electrode holder in the scope of delivery. In addition, MIG MAG WIG combi welding machines can also be used for flux welding. No additional shielding gas connection is required for flux or cored wire welding either. Instead, cored wire is used, in which a gas is already integrated. Similar to MMA welding, this gas is used as an inert gas as soon as the arc is ignited. Before inserting the flux wire roll, pay attention to the instructions in the operating manual for further adjustments to be made. 

Combination welders that can also cut metal 

Anyone who works with metal not only wants to connect workpieces with one another, but occasionally also wants to separate them. STAMOS WIG plasma combination welding machines are a very good choice for this. They offer both in one device and thus give you all the options for metal processing. WIG plasma combi devices also owe their slim design to modern inverter technology, which makes them particularly handy without sacrificing performance. 

In addition to a gas connection for the inert gas for WIG welding, you will find a connection for compressed air, which can be regulated using a pressure reducer and is required for plasma cutting. Furthermore, a special cutting torch is required, which is already included in the scope of delivery of the STAMOS devices. The control panel is extremely clear, as primarily the amperage and the gas post-flow time are regulated in the combi welding machines. You can also use the 3-in-1 welding machines to weld with one electrode, for example if you want to join metals outdoors without inert gas. 

Versatile universal lists with a clear range of functions 

Whether you want to buy a combi welder 4-in-1 or a 3-in-1 welder or you havehave to decide between a combi welder with MIG MAG or plasma, in any case, with only one device you expand your possibilities and can react more flexibly to different metal works. Which device suits you depends solely on the tasks ahead of you. However, the greater flexibility of a combination MIG MAG WIG plasma welding machine has its limits when specialists are required, especially for WIG welding. A WIG welder with a pulse function or even the ability to weld with alternating current will achieve significantly better welding results on many metals. These devices can be precisely adjusted to the workpieces. This will not be possible with a WIG MAG welding machine that is easy to handle. Nevertheless, STAMOS combi welding devices offer convincing results that offer beginners a good introduction to the world of welding and provide reliable and flexible support for professionals in various tasks. 

What do I have to consider if I want to buy a combination welding machine? 

In principle, you should decide before you buy whether you want to cut metal with the combination welding device or whether you want to cover different welding methods with the combination welding device WIG MIG MAG. In addition to this general decision, the device should be easy for you to use. When buying, look for a clear control panel with a large LED or LCD display as well as switches and rotary controls that can also be operated with welding gloves. Even the choice between 2-stroke or 4-stroke operating modes offers relief, especially for longer welding jobs, and should be available as standard. Ultimately, however, the quality of the MIG MAG combi welding machine depends on the quality of the individual components. So benefit from the high technical standards that STAMOS has established for welding machines over the past ten years, be it WIG, MIG MAG or E-Hand, and don’t settle for less.