Product number: 10020206 | Modell: S-MIGMA-195

STAMOS MIG/MAG welder with wheels – 195 A

  • MIG / MAG / MMA / FCAW
  • Welding current up to 195 A
  • Solid wire/filler wire (flux)
  • Mobile thanks to the wheels
  • 1 kg welding rod included


  • Compact – MIG MAG welder with integrated wire compartment 
  • Flexible – STAMOS welding machine with welding torches for MIG MAG, FCAW and MMA 
  • Practical – clear arrangement of the control panel and easy handling 
  • Mobile – for indoor and outdoor use thanks to wheels 
  • Reliable – robust transformer technology for welding with and without shielding gas 

Want an easy-to-use MIG MAG welding machine that will convince you with reliable performance values? Then choose the MIG MAG gas shielded welder from STAMOS Germany! While welding without gas, you are in the best position with the 195 A welder. This way you can also use flux-cored wire for FCAW welding with the unit or weld with an electrode. 

Everything within your sight on the MIG MAG welder 

The control panel of the MIG MAG shielded metal arc welder is impressive with a high degree of clarity. You can make all adjustments comfortably with the welding gloves. You can regulate the wire speed via a large rotary control, and set the welding current between 70 and 195 A via a four-stage switch. To switch between welding methods with wire (MIG MAG/FCAW) or an electrode (MAA), use a convenient toggle switch. 

For each welding method mentioned, you will find a corresponding torch in the MIG MAG welder. For FCAW welding, simply use the MIG MAG torch but insert an appropriate filler wire into the unit and change the polarity. You will also find an electrode holder for electric manual welding. 

Easy wire change with the MIG MAG welder from STAMOS 

With the MIG welder, insert the wire coil into the integrated compartment where the wire feeder is also located. To change the wire, simply open the wire compartment on the side. Use wires with a diameter of 0.6 – 0.8 mm for best results. To weld without gas, you must use a flux cored wire that already contains the shielding gas and change the polarity in the welder flux cored wire. 

The MIG MAG welder can be used for a wide range of metal types and is impressive with its high welding speed. For MIG welding you need inert gases to weld copper, magnesium or other ferrous metals. If you want to weld iron, steel or their alloys, use alert gases for MAG welding. With the free 1 kg spool of wire, you can start MIG MAG welding right away. 

The electrode holder is already included in the MIG MAG welding machine from STAMOS. 

You can use the STAMOS Germany welder as an MMA welder with the integrated electrode holder. Use the welding method for minor repairs or when welding outdoors, because it is insensitive to wind. Thanks to a stable current, you get the best results when electrode welding iron, steel, nickel or many other metals. 

The MIG MAG welding machine for mobile use 

You can transport the MIG MAG welder comfortably to the place of use thanks to the chassis with 4 wheels. If you want to use a compact as well as reliable MIG MAG welding machine 230 V, then choose the S-MIGMA-195 from STAMOS!  

  • Welding machine S-MIGMA-195
  • Welding wire (0.8 mm) – 1 kg wire coil 
  • Earth cable with terminal 1.25 m (integrated) 
  • Welding cable with electrode holder 1.2 m (integrated) 
  • MIG torch cable 1.7 m (integrated) 
  • Power cable 1.45 m (integrated) 
  • 2 contact tips 
  • Gas diffuser 
  • Instruction manual 


Ich liebe die Arbeit mit dem Schweißgerät und hatte nie Probleme. Egal, was ich gemacht habe.
Christian Schmidt