Product number: 10020979 | Modell: CONSTRUCTOR

STAMOS automatic welding helmet CONSTRUCTOR of the Expert series

  • For all common welding processes
  • Field of view: 100 x 73 mm
  • Light protection DIN 4 - 8 and 9 - 13
  • Switching time 1 / 25,000 s
  • Adjustable fit


  • A clear view thanks to the generous field of view of 100 x 73 mm 
  • Comprehensive light protection (DIN 4 – 8 and 9 – 13) 
  • Lightweight welding helmet made of polyamide can be individually adjusted to the shape of the head 
  • Fast and reliable reaction time thanks to 4 sensors 
  • Suitable for all common welding processes 

While protective clothing primarily protects against sparks and welding spatter, welding helmets also have the task of protecting against the very bright light that is produced when an arc is struck and during welding. The automatic welding helmet CONSTRUCTOR from the Expert series of the STAMOS Welding Group is optimally adjusted to all lighting conditions. It offers all-round protection for the head and eyes without restricting the welding work too much.  

Effective protection against bright light with the STAMOS automatic welding helmet 

The welding shield of the automatic welding helmet offers effective protection against glaring light, which can be adjusted according to your needs. It offers light protection levels according to DIN 4 to 13, which optimally darken the light. The automatic safety helmet from STAMOS reacts very quickly with a switching time of 1/25,000 s to flickering light sources, such as those that occur during welding or plasma cutting. Thus, the darkening only occurs during the welding work, and you remain protected from dangerous arc rays at all times 

When the arc goes out, the welding screen brightens again. You can choose a delay of 0.2 to 1 s for this. This enables your eyes to adjust optimally to the ambient light again. They are also only minimally stressed when changing the light, so that you can always see easily during the entire welding process. 

Best view with the STAMOS automatic welding helmet 

The sight protection of the automatic welding helmet is extremely generous at 100 x 73 mm, so that your field of vision is not unnecessarily restricted by the helmet. In this way, you can always keep an eye on all the important details while working with your welding machine. 

The 4 integrated sensors guarantee comprehensive protection, which prevent blind spots and protect the eyes from light from flames and sparks. The automatic welding helmetCONSTRUCTOR from STAMOS is also characterized by the highest possible values ​​for optical class, scattered light, homogeneity, and dependence on the viewing angle. 

The automatic welding helmet offers increased comfort 

The automatic welding helmet from the STAMOS Welding Group offers safe and comfortable protection against light and sparks, even during longer welding jobs, without unnecessarily burdening you. At just 500 g, the welding helmet made of polyamide is extremely light. In addition, the CONSTRUCTOR model can be adapted to the shape of the head in many ways. In addition to the comfortable and flexible headband, the distance between the face and the visor can also be adjusted so that the helmet fits perfectly. 

With the automatic welding helmet from the STAMOS Welding Group, you get comprehensive head and eye protection that simply fits well – try it out! 

  • Welding helmet CONSTRUCTOR 
  • Instruction manual 


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