Product number: 10021103 | Modell:SWA03L

STAMOS welding apron

  • Robust split cowhide leather
  • Heat-resistant premium seams
  • 91,5 x 58,5 cm
  • Adjustable straps
  • Click closure


  • Flame retardant split cowhide leather offers protection against flying sparks  
  • High durability thanks to heat-resistant synthetic seams  
  • Adjustable straps for a custom fit 
  • Practical breast pocket for storing small items  
  • Click fasteners allow the apron to be put on and taken off quickly 

With the welder’s apron made of cow split leather, you protect your upper body from sparks and splashing cinder when working with metal. The STAMOS Welding Group attaches great importance to reliable occupational safety and a comfortable fit. The high-quality work apron is made of heat-resistant materials, as well-thought-out details and adapts flexibly to your body shape. 

Protected against flying sparks with the STAMOS welding apron  

The welding apron is made of high-quality cowhide split leather. The elaborately processed natural material, which is obtained by splitting cowhide, naturally impresses with excellent properties: it is tear-resistant, flame-retardant, very durable, supple, and easy to care for. With the welding apron made of cowhide split leather, you get reliable protective equipment that protects your torso and thighs from burns from spattering cinder or sparks. 

The seams of the apron are made of synthetic fibre. This is heat-resistant and gives the protective clothing a high tear resistance – ideal for frequent donning and doffing and daily use for welding work. 

The welding jacket made of cowhide split leather is individually adjustable 

The open design allows you to quickly slip the apron on and start metalworking. Tear-resistant straps that cross in the back distribute the weight of the protective clothing evenly over the shoulders. You close the belt at the hip with an easy-to-use click fastener. All straps are manually adjustable in length. This allows you to individually adjust the fit of the welding apron made of cowhide split leather to your body and your needs.  

STAMOS Germany relies on timeless design and practical extras 

The apron has a patch pocket at chest height, in which you can conveniently store small items. A cover, which you secure with Velcro, protects the stowed utensils from falling out. The shoulder straps and hip belt are reinforced and stitched to the split leather to prevent them from tearing out – ideal if the apron is subject to heavy wear and tear due to frequent putting on and taking off. 

The welding apron made of split cowhide impresses with its linear design and thus has a timeless look. The split leather in rich brown is complemented by light contrasting seams and wide straps in black.  

The work apron from STAMOS gets its comfortable fit thanks to the supple cowhide split leather. The natural material nestles comfortably against the body and offers a high degree of freedom of movement when welding. Due to its workmanship, it is elastic enough to allow extensive movements and robust enough to keep out heat and sparks. This makes the welding apron made of cowhide split leather ideal for everyday use in any metalworking workshop. 

With the welding apron from the STAMOS Welding Group, your upper body and thighs are protected from burns caused by sparks. Try them now! 

Welding apron made of cowhide split leather


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