Product number: 10020609 | Modell:SWJ01L

STAMOS welding jacket

  • Supple cowhide split leather
  • Heat-resistant premium seams
  • Current insulated buttons
  • Comfortable fit


  • Flame retardant split cowhide leather offers protection against flying sparks  
  • High durability thanks to heat-resistant synthetic seams  
  • Soft material for pleasant wearing comfort  
  • Snaps insulated against electric shock 
  • Two practical pockets inside and on the sleeves  

With this welding jacket made of cow split leather, you can reliably protect your entire torso and arms from sparks and splashing cinder when working with metal. The STAMOS Welding Group relies on a high level of occupational safety and a comfortable seat for its models. For this reason, the jacket is made of heat-resistant materials, has practical details, and nestles comfortably against the body. 

STAMOS relies on robust material for high work safety  

The STAMOS welding jacket is made of high-quality cowhide split leather. The robust material is obtained by splitting strong cowhide and naturally offers a good barrier between the body and external temperature influences. This protects you from strong welding heat as well as from wind and cool temperatures when working outdoors.  

To increase the tear resistance of the cow split leather jacket, STAMOS relies on synthetic fibre seams. This impresses with its high heat resistance and is therefore ideal for welding work where strong flying sparks are to be expected. 

The welding jacket made of split leather cowhide is peppered with practical details 

In addition to reliable protection against injuries caused by sparks and cinder spatter, the welding jacket has well thought-out extras that ensure a smooth workflow.  

You can stow various utensils in the practical pockets inside and on the sleeves of the jacket. The collar, with which you also protect your neck and neck area, is also made of cowhide split leather and is foldable and can therefore be adapted to the respective work environment as required. The inside of the collar is padded for a comfortable fit. 

Push buttons insulated against electric shock allow safe working with electrical devices. They also make it easier to quickly put on and take off the welding jacket made of cowhide split leather. The button placket has Velcro fasteners for additional protection against the cold.

Comfort and design combined in the reliable welding jacket from STAMOS 

The welder’s jacket made of split leather cowhide impresses with its linear design, which gives it a timeless look. The split leather in rich brown is complemented by light contrasting seams and a collar with inner padding in neo-orange.  

The work apron from STAMOS gets its comfortable fit thanks to the supple cowhide split leather. The natural material nestles comfortably against the body and offers a high degree of freedom of movement when welding. Due to its workmanship, it is elastic enough to allow extensive movements and robust enough to keep out heat, wind, and sparks. This makes the work jacket ideal for everyday use in changing work environments. 

Whether you are welding in the cool workshop or outdoors – in the robust welding jacket made of cowhide split leather you are protected from sparks and cold wind. Order your protective clothing from the STAMOS Welding Group now! 

  • Welding jacket made of cowhide split leather


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