Product number: 10020227 | Modell:S-MMA-200PI.2

STAMOS electrode welder with 200 A and Hot Start

  • E-Hand / MMA
  • 200 A / 230 V
  • IGBT-Inverter
  • Hot Start
  • LED Display


  • Welding current up to a powerful 200 A, 100% duty cycle at 155 A 
  • Precise setting of the welding current thanks to the rotary control and LED display 
  • Clean welding results thanks to the Hot Start function 
  • Modern IGBT inverter technology 
  • The carrying strap ensures easy transport and free hands 

When developing its welding machines, STAMOS relies on high-quality components and first-class workmanship. All elements from the ventilation to the ground cable are optimally coordinated and ensure a convincing welding experience. The S-MMA-200PI.2 electrode welding machine from the STAMOS Germany series is equipped with a modern IGBT inverter that guarantees stable welding parameters.  

With the electrode welding machine, you get convincing performance values 

The powerful electrode welding machine offers stable welding current values ​​between 20 and 200 A, which can be checked at any time via an LED display. When welding at 155 amps or less, the MMA welder achieves a 100% duty cycle. This means that longer welding operations are also possible without any problems. The control panel of the electrode welding machine proves to be extremely clear. The welding current is set using a rotary control, which can also be conveniently operated with welding gloves.  

The STAMOS electrode welding machine offers the Hot Start function for stable and clean welding results. At the start of the welding process, the welding current is briefly increased. Sticking of the electrode is prevented, so that you get an optimal weld seam right from the start. 

With the electrode welding device, STAMOS relies on flexibility 

The STAMOS electrode welding device can be used in many ways. It is suitable for repairs in the workshop as well as for outdoor installation or maintenance of railings, containers or other metal installations. It welds materials such as steel, iron, nickel or copper from a thickness of 1.5 mm up to 9 mm. For MMA welding, it is equipped with an electrode holder that securely holds electrodes from 1.6 to 5 mm. 

The mobile electrode welding device is also impressive outdoors 

The electrode welding machine not only shines with its high-performance values, but also because of its compact design and low weight. It is equipped with a shoulder strap for easy transport. This means that it can also be used extremely mobile and flexibly for outdoor use. No shielding gas is required for MMA welding, so this welding method can also be used under adverse conditions such as drafts or high-altitude winds. 

STAMOS ensures safe welding with the electrode welding machine 

A powerful fan, which reliably cools all components in the electrode welding machine, guarantees safe and reliable operation even during lengthy welding work. In addition, the welding machine is equipped with overheating protection, which indicates critical heat build-up via an LED diode. 

Use safe and powerful technologies from STAMOS with the electrode welding device and achieve the best welding results in the workshop and outdoors! 

  • Electrode welding machine S-MMA-200PI.2 
  • E-Hand Cable (2 m) 
  • Ground cable (2 m) 
  • Power cord (2m) 
  • Instruction manual 


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