Product number: 10020201 | Modell:S-MMA 180.IGBT

STAMOS electrode welding machine 180 A IGBT

  • MMA
  • 180 A / 230 V
  • Hot Start
  • Elektrode Ø: 1,6 - 4 mm
  • Fan cooling


  • Welding current adjustable between 20 and 180 A, 100% duty cycle at less than 139 A 
  • Modern IGBT inverter ensures stable performance values 
  • Hot Start ensures a clean weld right from the start 
  • Compact design and carrying handle facilitate transport 
  • Reliable fan cooling and overheating protection with LED 

With the electrode welding device S-MMA 180.IGBT from the STAMOS Germany model series, you get a powerful basic device at a very good price. It is equipped with modern technology that develops its full performance in the best possible way. At the same time, the device is compact, mobile, and easy to use. 

STAMOS relies on modern technology for electrode welding machines 

The power centre of the STAMOS electrode welding machine is the IGBT inverter, which effectively controls the welding current and proves to be extremely robust even over longer periods of use. In addition, the passage of current is limited, if necessary, thereby protecting the device from short circuits. 

The modern inverter welder creates a stable arc when welding, which evenly melts the electrode and creates a clean weld seam that usually requires little rework. For welding, you can use electrodes with a diameter of 1.6-4 mm. When starting the welding process, the Hot Start function is used. This increases the welding current for a short time, the electrode cannot stick, and you achieve clean welds right from the start. 

Enduring performance values ​​with the STAMOS electrode welding devices  

With a welding current of 180 A, the electrode welding machine achieves a welding thickness of up to 7 mm, whereby the maximum thickness can vary from metal to metal. The current can be continuously adjusted using a rotary control. With a maximum current of 180 A, you can weld with a duty cycle of 60%. If you reduce the welding current to 139 A or less, you can even work with a 100% duty cycle. 

Safe welding with the STAMOS electrode welding machine 

In addition to modern technologies and high-quality workmanship, reliable air cooling ensures optimal conditions for long-term use of the electrode welding machine. In addition, the device is equipped with a fault LED that lights up in the event of overheating or other overloads. 

Take it with you, the STAMOS electrode welding device 

Thanks to its compact dimensions and low net weight, the 180 A electrode welding machine is often used on construction sites or for assembly work. A stable handle is integrated in the device for easy transport, so that it can also be carried with welding gloves without any problems. To operate the device, you only need a standard 230 V power connection. 

Whether on the construction site, in the workshop or on the road – the STAMOS electrode welding machine is always a good choice! 

  • Electrode welding machine S-MMA 180.IGBT 
  • Welding cable with electrode holder (1.6 m) 
  • Ground cable with clamp (1.5 m) 
  • Instruction manual 


Sehr gutes Schweißgerät, zu einem guten Preis!
Ulrik Sjölin