Product number: 10020067 | Modell:S-PLASMA 125H

STAMOS plasma cutter with 125 A, pilot ignition and 400 V connection

  • Cutting current: 10 - 125 A
  • Max. cutting depth: 34 mm
  • Pilot ignition
  • 2T / 4T switch
  • 60% duty cycle


  • Increased performance values ​​up to 125 A and 100% duty cycle at 96.8 A 
  • Contactless pilot ignition as well as a pilot plasma arc suitable for cutting grids 
  • Powerful cutting performance with a maximum cutting depth of up to 34 mm 
  • Clear control panel with rotary control, toggle switch and LED display 
  • Ergonomic cutting torch and easy selection between 2-stroke and 4-stroke circuit 

With the plasma cutter S-PLASMA 125H, the STAMOS Welding Group offers a powerful plasma cutter from the Selection series, which thanks to modern IGBT inverter technology leaves nothing to be desired. All components are optimally matched to each other and allow reliable performance even under heavy workloads. 

The powerful plasma cutter from STAMOS  

The STAMOS plasma cutter achieves a duty cycle of 60% with a maximum welding current of 125 A. If you want to cut metals with 100% duty cycle, the cutting current must be regulated below 96.8 A. This means that even longer cutting jobs can be carried out without interruption. The plasma cutter is supplied with 400 V high-voltage current via a 3-phase connection. 

The powerful plasma cutter from STAMOS can process a wide variety of workpieces made of steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium, or titanium, which can be cut to size or separated according to your ideas. Depending on the metal, it achieves a cutting depth of up to 34 mm at maximum power. With a cutting width of 1.4 mm, material loss is kept to a minimum. 

Easy to use – STAMOS plasma cutter 

The clear control panel allows easy handling of the STAMOS plasma cutter. You can set the cutting current continuously from 10 to 125 A using a rotary control, which is shown on a large LED display for direct control. A toggle switch is available for the gas post-flow time, which you can set in three steps to 5, 10 and 60 s. With another switch you can easily choose between 2-stroke and 4-stroke operation. All elements on the control panel are arranged in such a way that they can be easily adjusted even when wearing welding gloves. 

Excellent cutting comfort with the STAMOS plasma cutter  

The plasma cutter is activated via a contactless pilot ignition and develops its high cutting performance right from the start. The pilot arc provides clean kerfs and also easily cuts through grilles and grates. Depending on the work situation, the cutting torch can be controlled with a 2-step or 4-step circuit. Compressed air at 7 bar is required for the plasma arc, which is provided by an external compressor. For the optimal setting of the air supply, you will find a manometer and a reliable pressure reducer in the scope of delivery. 

A 5 m long plasma hose package is available for the cutting torch. As a result, the plasma cutter offers an optimal range, which ensures your freedom of movement for a wide variety of metal work. 

The STAMOS plasma cutter cuts metals safely 

Safe operation of the STAMOS plasma cutter is guaranteed with a powerful fan that cools the device reliably and ensures optimal air exchange. However, if the operating temperature is exceeded, overheating protection is integrated in the device. As a further safety feature, the device is equipped with overvoltage protection. 

Use the powerful plasma cutter from STAMOS for metal cutting, which impresses with a stable and powerful welding current and an even supply of compressed air. 

  • Plasma cutter S-Plasma 125H 
  • Plasma hose package (5 m) 
  • Air hose (4 m) 
  • Ground cable (3 m) 
  • Ceramic nozzle 
  • 5 cutting nozzles 
  • 5 electrodes for plasma 
  • Manometer and pressure reducer 
  • 2 clamping rings 
  • Key 
  • Hose cover 
  • Instruction manual 


Ein gutes Gerät. Die 4-Takt-Funktion ist gut, wenn man sich auf die Handstabilität konzentrieren kann. Selbst wenn die Spitze auf Metall trifft, bricht der Brand nicht. 1 Düse hat schon viel gebrannt. Preis/Qualität volle 10